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Recipe Box!

We feature recipes in our guides and are always looking for more ways institutions can highlight Cutlivate Michigan foods on the menu!!

Click the link below to check out our full recipe book or take a quick look at some recipes also available through our recipe box!

Cultivate Michigan Recipe Book

Featured FoodRecipe NameMonth/Year
CarrotsWhite Bean Hummus with Summer Garden VegetablesSummer 2016
CarrotsRoasted Carrots with Cinnamon and OrangeSummer 2016
CherriesTart Cherry Pancake BarsWinter 2016
EggsMini Bacon & Egg QuicheSpring 2017
Stone FruitNectarine & Peach Smoothies (w/ bonus classroom activity)Summer 2017
Salad GreensFrom-Scratch Salad DressingsFall 2017
CabbageGingered Cabbage SaladWinter 2017
OnionsCrispy Sweet OnionsSpring 2018
OnionsKimchee SlawSpring 2018
OnionsLentil SoupSpring 2018 
OnionsCurried Onion and Apple SoupSpring 2018 
OnionsSheet Pan Chicken DinnerSpring 2018
Berries Arctic Berry DessertSummer 2018 
BerriesCold Beet Salad with Raspberries Summer 2018 
BerriesBerry Chicken Salad Summer 2018 
Celery Celery Caesar SaladFall 2018
CeleryCrunchy Apple SaladFall 2018
Beets Roasted Gold Beet SaladWinter 2018
BeetsBeet BurgerWinter 2018
BeetsRoasted Root Vegetable HashWinter 2018
BeetsLocal Harvest BakeWinter 2018
BeetsMagenta Root SlawWinter 2018
CherriesCherry-Walnut VinaigretteWinter
CherriesCherry Butternut Squash Stuffing Winter 
CherriesCarrots with CharacterWinter 
Cherries Dried Cherry Muffins Winter 
Cherries Fire-roasted Corn and Cherry SalsaWinter 
Dry BeansSeante Bean Soup Winter
Dry BeansBean SalsaWinter
Dry BeansWhite Bean HummusWinter
Dry BeansBlack Bean MuffinsWinter
Dry BeansCowboy CaviarWinter
BeefBeef and Bean Tamale PieSpring
BeefBeef StewSpring
BeefBeef Stir FrySpring
BeefBeef Mushroom StroganoffSpring
BeefBeef Chili Spring

Help Build the Recipe Box!

Submit your favorite institutional scale recipes for our featured foods! Recipes selected for inclusion in our product guides or social media posts will feature the institution that submitted them and can be a great way to show off the work your food service staff is doing!

We request that recipes submissions meet the following requirements:

  • Institutional scale (25-50 servings or more)
  • Include dietary/nutrition information, if available
  • When possible, include USDA school meal serving/portion guidelines
  • If you have them, share some photos of the finished recipe, your staff using the product, or the product in its raw state!

Click here to submit your favorite recipes!