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With a little creativity, we can remix our recipes with beans!
Michigan Farm to Freezer helps meet the demand for Michigan fruits and veggies in the off-season by flash freezing produce!
Bronson Healthcare has taken on the challenge of sourcing all local eggs. Find out how!
Farmer-buyer networking events provide a platform for relationship-building between farmers and wholesale buyers.
A new MFIN brief summarizes what Michigan institutions consider "local"
Over 20 school food service directors and farm to institution supply chain partners visited 2 farms on this Cultivate Michigan Tour!
At Hart Public Schools, participating in the 2015 Michigan Apple Crunch was the one small step that kickstarted their farm to school efforts
The fourth annual Michigan Apple Crunch joins the Great Lakes in aiming for one million crunches!
July is National Blueberry Month and Michigan is a national leader in blueberry production!