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Recent News

Corn on the cob is just one of the local food stars at American House Senior Living.
Mattison brings 100% Michigan-sourced meals to Dexter Community Schools!
Get up to date on the Cultivate Michigan campaign and learn about its progress toward the Good Food Charter 2020 goals.
Cultivate Michigan farm tour participants learn about a staple crop at Providence Organic Farm and CSA.
In March, Food@MSU hosted a discussion on food waste at the Michigan State University Recycling Center.
Cultivate Michigan Marketplace events connect institutional food buyers with farmers and local food suppliers.
Belding Area Schools omelet bar introduces children to new, local foods.
Nessa Richman, Director of research and Evaluation for Farm to Institution New England visits GL Fruit, Vegetable and Farm Market Expo
Mariel Borgman provides a great description of spring greens grown in Michigan. Learn more about them and available resources!
Blended Michigan meat products aim to make local protein more accessible in institutional meal service.